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Reviews of Spy Tools and Other Security Matters

Hello, my name is Matt, and I have always been interested in gadgets. However, after my house was burglarised several years ago, I turned my focus to spy and security gadgets in particular. I was not letting that happen to my home or family again. In this blog, I plan to give you the information, ideas and tools you need to protect your home and your family. Please, take a look around -- these posts could help you improve your home security significantly. If you enjoy reading them, please share them with your friends. Thanks for reading, and I hope this info helps you.

Three Ways to Burglar-Proof Your Windows Effectively

Most people consider their homes to be a haven, a place of comfort after a long day's work. However, few realize the threat that poor security poses until they have been robbed of their valuables by burglars and thieves. Burglar-proofing your home's doors is one of the best ways of keeping thieves away. However, most burglars will try a window if they can't get in through the front or back door. Measures should be undertaken to ensure that burglars do not gain access to your home and valuables through the windows.

Why do burglars choose windows?

Thieves and burglars prefer breaking in through windows for the following reasons:

  • Windows allow them to view your home's interior. Thieves target valuables within the house that are small, expensive, and easy to sell. With most homes having glass windows, burglars can easily view the interior from a distance and plot a break-in.
  • Windows allow easy access. Most homeowners install security doors with accessories that deter thieves from forcing an entry. However, the windows are usually left unguarded, making them easy entry points for burglars.

How can you burglar-proof your windows?

Your windows do not have to be the weakest access points in your home. There are several measures that you can take to prevent or delay break-ins from burglars. Some of the most efficient ways include the following:

  • Replace window panes with reinforced glass--Some of the best inexpensive options on the market today are laminated glass and tempered glass. Both are made using high-quality glass that is harder to break. Wire mesh is also an incredible but more expensive option to the traditional glass when it comes to deterring thieves.
  • Laminate windows with security film--Security films are manufactured using multiple layers of polyester film which are bonded together and applied on the window. Security film is usually invisible and makes the windows shatterproof. It is not impossible to get through a laminate film, but it's hard. It requires striking the glass repeatedly in the same spot to make a small opening. Most burglars are usually reluctant to create this type of noise.
  • Install a window alarm system--Technology has seen the manufacture of motion-detecting window alarm systems that detect motion outside the window even before a burglar tries to break in. They can detect when a window is opened, hit, cut, or broken. Alarm systems are effective as they alert the entire neighborhood, a factor that's deterrent to burglars.

Windows are the most vulnerable points through which burglars can gain access to your home. By implementing these tips, you will be able to safeguard your home and valuables.